Saving Eliza

Today I came across the news that Photographer Von Wong is raising money for help saving the life of a 4 year old girl with genetic disease and was moved by the photographic society coming together for the cause. So, I joined the force. The fine art metallic prints from this photograph below is up for sale on “Saving Eliza” website with affordable prices. All the money earned via this will directly go to the girl as you can see there. You can also buy your fav prints from other photographers from the gallery. We talked about saving the world all the time on internet so what about help saving a life practically in real life?

Buy the print here at

More information about Saving Eliza -

Under the influence 03_Htet T San

Htet T San

The Roots

The Roots_Htet T San 09

Today, I got some free time that I edited a portfolio session that I shot a while ago in Coney Island, New York in a cold winter day.

The idea of the project title “The Roots” is inspired by Nils Frahm’s instrumental track “Familiar”.

Please see the full project at Here.